"Yuzu Noir" Lucid Chocolate - 2023 Silver Medal Award Winner

"Yuzu Noir" Lucid Chocolate - 2023 Silver Medal Award Winner

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70% Dark Chocolate (single origin Piura white cacao Peru), NZ certified organic grown Yuzu. 

 NZ Chocolate Award Winning "Yuzu Noir". Hand made in Wairarapa NZ, by Chocolatier Johnty Tatum.

Newsflash ... Yuzu Noir wins a Silver Medal at this years NZ Chocolate Awards!


Lucid Chocolate ... The Yuzu Season has arrived, and our friends @nzyuzu have carefully harvested some beautiful fruit for us.

As some of you may know, Neville from NZYuzu was Johnty's first official (kind of) supplier when they made contact in 2017. Johnty wanted to source some prized Yuzu for use in a chocolate petit four competition he was competing in; Neville obliged, the two met, and the rest is history.

Neville continued to support Johnty's Journey by sending him Yuzu to work with each year as he moved around workplaces. After 3 years of passionate recipe testing and development, the polished version of Yuzu Noir was born.

This year, we continued our tradition of working with the Yuzu to produce a beautiful chocolate bar. Read more about the bar online; the link is now in our bio ...