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For me, a splash of Hakanoa Ginger Syrup in a cup, then fill with steamed or hot milk for the ultimate soothing cuppa, especially in the evening.

This is what makes Hakanoa's deep, smooth, velvety, with a lingering warmth, Ginger Syrup ...

In 2019 Hakanoa got big enough to buy the annual ginger crop of the Navurevure Ginger Farmers Association – nearly 13 tonnes of spray-free mature-harvest Fijian ginger. They are a group of 20 farmers from the village of Navurevure, which is south and inland of Suva. The rich mountain soil grows most of the food for the villagers, and our ginger is inter-planted with the taro crops.

They’ve never used pesticides or herbicides, so the ginger is spray-free. We asked them to harvest the ginger right at the end of the season in August so we could get a higher concentration of gingerol – the active ingredient and flavour component of ginger.

Most ginger is harvested in April when it’s younger and juicier, but not as strong. Our ginger has a wonderful rich deep heat and flavour, and we think it’s the best in the world. (I agree).


This delectable concoction is a ginger-lovers dream. It is dense with 40% intensely flavourful mature harvest Fijian ginger, carefully cooked & filtered to produce a silky rich syrup that warms you right down to the cockles of your heart. This stuff is incredibly versatile – it’s a cordial, a condiment, and a cooking ingredient.

It’s also rich and smooth and delicious – try to imagine liquid gingerbread.

Wonderful diluted in sodas, or in hot water, in hot toddies, and especially good dissolved in hot frothy milk. Yes – hot milk! It’s a very soothing concoction.

Dangerously good trickled over ice-cream, pancakes, porridge or yoghurt.

Fabulous in salad dressings, marinades, and stir fries.

Brilliant in baking and smoothies.


* Try it drizzled on ice cream or porridge, or use in baking and preserves

* Use in place of fresh ginger in marinades, stir frys, dressings, dipping sauces

* Hot Ginger Toddy - 30mls Ginger syrup, wedge of lemon in a cup of hot water

* Ginger Fizz - 30mls Ginger syrup, wedge of lemon in a glass of sparking soda and ice

* Ginger Latte - 20mls Ginger syrup in a cup of steamed or hot milk.