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This is the best Ant Bait ever, and its made in NZ.

Exterm-An-Ant was formulated in 1985 by renowned NZ microbiologist and consulting chemist John Smale. Like many great kiwi inventions, it was born out of necessity, in this case to control ants at the Meat Works where he was chief chemist.

Ants go to this liquid bait like no other. Soon as you put it down they swarm to it. They'll feed on the bait as long as its there. Taken back to the nest, EAA gets to work destroying the colony.

The key to complete eradication is to keep putting down EAA until there are no more ants. Keep checking & rebaiting for 4-6 weeks as eggs in the nest won't be affected by the bait and reinfest areas as they hatch.

EAA Superior contains natural attractants & toxins which is picked up and carried back to the nest to destroy the colony. Repeat applications until all ants are destroyed.

1-2ml drops on tinfoil or a shallow dish and leave near ant trails. Place bait in spots not accessible to pets or humans, and protect from rain. Lay several or more baits along the trails.

Active ingredients:
80g/litre Boric Acid, 56g/litre Sodium Borate - in the form of ready to use liquid with natural ant attractants and toxins.

A publication by Victoria University states EAA is also effective against Argentine & Darwin ants. In this study, EAA was the only bait that reduced queen ants in a 24 hr period.

NZ Customer Feedback ...

Big problem with Darwin Ants. EAA is the only product we found that actually works, a few drops keep them under control for weeks at a time. Brilliant stuff. Tony.

Have you still got EAA in stock? We're after 4 bottles - it's the only stuff that works! Elsie.

I tried Rentokill paste & ant bait, no luck for protein or sweet ant, but this stuff the little buggers went straight to it, called their mates and they all turned up! 100% as advertised, great trade. Blair.

Very effective ant bait. Millions of ants in the house all disappeared in 3 days. Some came back later. Bait used again and cleaned up the source of odor, they all gone again.  Katy

Amazing Ant Bait product. The stuff is like crack to ants! Eve.