ARS PROFESSIONAL SECAUTEUR VA-8A (med/lg hand) AND VA-7A (small hand)

ARS PROFESSIONAL SECAUTEUR VA-8A (med/lg hand) AND VA-7A (small hand)

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These are the quality made Japanese secateurs we use at the orchard. When you are pruning 400+ trees, the last thing you want is a cheap pair of secateurs!

The latest and most modern anvil secateurs on the market. The ARS VA Series anvil secateurs are designed for professional horticulture, orchards, viticulture, arboriculture, and hard out gardeners (I fall into the orchard and hard out categories). 

JAPANESE MADE - High quality material & build quality indisputable. Produces a clean cut due to a very powerful cutting anvil blade. An anvil cut described as if you were cutting something with a knife on a cutting board.

The VA series are unique thanks to their super light but very strong construction of die-cast aluminium handles and well balanced cutting head, making them feel lighter than they really are. The curved anvil and blade helps to hold the branch in place, creating an easier and cleaner slicing cut.

All this along with the new locking system that prevents accidental locking during use, and comfortable grips for both left and right handed users make these new pruners from ARS the complete package!

All parts on the VA series are replaceable. This enable the user to reduce the maintenance cost by replacing only the part needed. Parts & warranty backed by reputable NZ ARS Distributor.

They come in 2 hand sizes for supreme comfort and usability ...

ARS VA-8Z for MED/LG hand size. Rated to cut branches up to 25mm diameter

ARS VA-7Z for SM hand size. Built for a small hand size. The blade and handle length are shorter along with a less wide arc when the secateurs are open (fits in hand better). Cuts up to 22mm diameter.