Local US newspaper article on Michael Taylors new invention, the Folding Bread Proofer Cabinet - January 2012
Brod & Taylors innovative Proofing Cabinet that folds down flat for storage when not using.
Brod & Taylors  Professional VG2 Knife Sharpener. Its the best knife sharpener you'll ever own.
Brod and Taylors innovative Sahara Folding Dehydrator. It folds down flat for storage when not in use.
Brod & Taylors Compact Dough Sheeter, and yes, it all folds down for easy storage when not use.


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I originally contacted Michael Taylor in 2012 when a customer gave me an article on his newly invented "Folding Bread Proofer" cabinet for domestic use. It's a thermostatically heated cabinet for proving breads, yoghurts, etc. When not in use, it can be folded flat to store away.

I asked Michael if he would ever consider making a 240v version of the Cabinet so I could offer them in NZ. 

It wasn't too long after he launched the Proofer in the US market (which took off like wildfire) that Michael decided to make a 240v version for the European and Australasian market. So I made a small tentative order of his "Folding Bread Proofer" to see if they would sell here. And they did!

Brod & Taylor's Bread Proofer (and you can Slow Cook in it as well now) became a world wide success and his company grew exponentially and are now innovative inventors/manufacturers of a range of high quality niche domestic products.

Brod & Taylor is still a family business with Michael and son Warren at the helm. 

Several years ago, Michael & Warren decided to set up individual Brod & Taylor Websites around the world to service the customer base. Each country website is privately owned and act as the B&T distributor for that country. Michael invited me to own/operate the NZ Brod & Taylor Website, which has been such a good thing for both of us.